SMR Column: Remembering Hillsborough and the 25 year fight for justice

Next week, on the 15th of April, it will be the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. There are expected to be thousands at the service at Anfield and it […] ... More

SMR Column: Celebrating our Irish Heritage

From the Manchester Ship canal, built thanks largely to Irish ‘navvies’ in the 19th century, to the thousands of Irish fans who throng to Manchester at the weekends to watch […] ... More

Support International Women’s Day here in Manchester

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Mancunians should be proud of the role their city played in the movement for women’s equality and with so many events happening this weekend, from […] ... More

Only a publicly funded BBC can tell the full story of World War One.

The First World War started one hundred years ago. It was supposed to be the ‘War that would end all wars’, but, unfortunately, this wasn’t so. Many British and Commonwealth […] ... More

SMR Column: Why sport should be for all.

  If, like me, you a fan of multiple sports, the past two weeks of Winter Olympic sports will have made great viewing.  The sporting action, however, will not end […] ... More

Join the UpRising now!

Last week, I hosted a visit by Nick Clegg to Manchester. Before the main speeches, I spent some time with the alumni of UpRising. UpRising is a charity who aim […] ... More

SMR Column: Why I support a 50p top tax rate.

  At the last election, we promised to raise the income Tax threshold to £10,000. Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron said it could not be afforded. But in Government the […] ... More

SMR Column: Labour’s £29million per year Wythenshawe Hospital PFI Shame

I am a big supporter of the NHS. I am very proud that the Lib Dem pledge not to cut NHS funding made it into the coalition agreement. I am […] ... More

SMR: Freeze beer duty to safeguard Jobs

Our pubs have taken a real battering over the years, consistently being undercut by supermarkets selling alcohol as a loss leader and through the ‘beer duty escalator’. In just six […] ... More

Syrian refugees should be allowed to come to the North West

Sometimes, the national interest is more important than the party interest. Doing the right thing is more important than doing the populist thing. I have long campaigned on Syria. I […] ... More

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